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Customizing Standard Ghost Themes on ghost.org

Use code injection to hide elements of a standard theme. Customize your Ghost page without uploading anything.

Are you using ghost.org as your publishing platform but feeling limited by the standard themes available in the lowest subscription tier? Don't worry, you can still customize your theme to some extent by using code injection. In this post, I will show you how to remove certain elements on your page.

Let's say you want to keep the option of subscribing to your blog, but the amount of subscription nudges is too much for your taste. Follow these steps, to remove any number of elements from your Ghost page:

  • right click on the element you'd like to remove
  • select "Inspect Element"; depending on your browser, this will open a tree view of the page source
  • using your mouse, hover above the elements, until the preview shows the section you want to remove; make note of the class name that is highlighted in the page tree
The class "gh-signup" containts all elements in blue, which is exactly what we want to remove
  • go to Settings > Code Injection in your ghost.org dashboard and paste the following code into the Site Header field. Change gh-signup for whatever class you want to hide, reuse for as many as you need.
<style type='text/css'>
    .gh-signup { display: none; }
  • hit save and check your page, the element should now be gone