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Trapes - GPS Track Soundscapes

I just rediscovered an idea and its first implementation for an art project I had a while ago. I call it "Trapes" which stands for (GPS) Track Soundscapes.

The basic idea is simple: I'd go on a walk through any kind of land- or cityscape. On that walk I'd have an audio recorder such as my phone on me with which I would record random sounds that intrigued me along the way. After the walk, I'd go through what I captured, take about three interesting sounds, and map them to the location where I recorded them. The location data would be easily matched to the timestamps of the audio recording.

The final result would then be a GPS track of the walk in the form of a video with audio snippets that get highlighted where they appeared. Taking these snippets and playing them all at once would then be the Trape, the unique audio stamp of this particular walk in this particular location.

Check out the result I've got from one walk test driving the idea:


While the idea is simple, they are not really trivial to make (read: they require a lot of time and commitment), so I am not sure how many of these I'll be making any time soon. But when there are new ones made, I'll post them here.